Reality Versus The Altered State

It’s everywhere these days, photos of flawless women, men, & children. The perfect face, nose, body & coiffed hair. How can an average person like myself ever live up to these standards? (For this particular piece we are going to focus on women).The answer is “I can’t”. In fact, nobody can. As a child, my parents always told me, “Jennifer there is always going to be someone prettier, smarter, more athletic, etc... don’t focus on that, focus on being the best YOU can be.”

Now 30 + years later I incorporate this same advice into my practice. Day after day, I have a client or two that will come into our office, sit in my modern white chair, and hand me a photo of an Instagram celeb and proceed to ask me if I can give her those lips or those eyes, or those cheeks. My answer, “I’ll tell you what I think will look amazing, and that’s enhancing your natural features to look like the best version of YOU.”

You see, each human face has a very specific symmetry. No two faces are exactly alike, and no two faces have the same measurements. We were made to look different from one another, and in my humble opinion, that is a good thing. Our differences give us character, set us apart, and help shape our identity. I love all things beauty, always have since I was a little girl, but guess what? Beauty is not a one size fits all category. In a culture that worships celebrities and their appearances, our females (and males) are struggling with self image. Our culture is telling us that this ONE person is the epitome of beauty, and if we want to be beautiful, we must strive to look like her. Not True. As a medical aesthetic professional, I feel compelled to point out the beauty in each individual
that sits in my office. It is not my job to change appearances, but to enhance appearances for the world to take notice of the beauty that is available for the eyes to see.

Lastly, and in my opinion, most importantly is that often times when a person feels beautiful on the outside it allows their inner beauty to flow out of them more effortlessly, and this is the true magic. Tapping into our inner queen and letting the world see our beauty may be just what the world need right now.